call for poetry and writing and art

Youth Encouragement - A call for literary and art submissions.

Would you like to be one of the lucky few that is published to be seen by a global audience as a child or student?

Poets , writers , artists and photographers are all most welcome.

One marvellous thing about the Poetry Space site itself is when you view , you will notice that some of the submissions are from children as young as 5. What a wonderful boost to your young creative mind to have someone judge your work worthy to be seen around the globe. It is a must to give young people encouragement.

We as a website for the Youthspace aren't getting many contributions currently but who knows how this may grow.
We would love to run contests in the future for young minds and give great publishing opportunities.

If you are of any age you are welcome to submit, If you are a parent or guardian you can submit on your child's behalf to:

Photography, writings, poetry, art and anything creative really is welcome.

I have ideas of including a slide show on the page with music/original songwriting/spoken word from young people so I would be thrilled to have it all sent across.

No deadlines, no fees and open to all.

New issue of Ideomancer!

The September issue of Ideomancer Speculative Fiction is up.

Poetry from Liz Bourke, David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans, Jacqueline West, and J.C. Runolfson goes back towards the classics, stops off at Mark Twain, and dips forward, into the whole of the universe.

Year of Miracles by Liz Bourke
The Egg that Exploded by David Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans
Buying the Muse by Jacqueline West
Mark Twain Feels the Storm by J. C. Runolfson

Submissions for future issues are open until October 31 with the following guidelines:

All poetry must have a speculative element, whether fantasy, mythic, horror or science fiction. Poetry lacking one of those elements will not be considered. Please send only one poem, or one series of short poems, at a time. There is no line limit on poetry, but make sure to send writing that is conducive to webzine publication (no book-length projects, please). We only publish four poems per quarter, sixteen poems per year, so send us your very best.

All poems submitted MUST be sent as an RTF attachment to poetry @ ; query first before submitting visual poetry, hypertext poetry, or poetry that otherwise requires the use of an alternate file format. Please put “Poetry Submission: Your poem title” in the header of your email.
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Tidbits: Apex Magazine Issue 27 and "Wrap Is Poetry" Speculative Poetry Jewelry Collection

A few tidbits from around the world of speculative poetry:

Apex Magazine Issue 27 is out! In addition to fiction by Zach Lynott, Rabbit Seagraves and Lavie Tidhar, the issue features Saladin Ahmed's (saladinahmed)'s poem "The Djinn Prince in America: A Micropic in 9 Tracks" and Elizabeth R. McClellan's (popelizbet) "Down Cycles."

SFPA member, editor and poetry lover Ashley "Full Stop" Brown (thegreenyear) has paired up with Rhysling-winning poets Amal El-Mohtar (tithenai) and Catherynne M. Valente (catvalente) as part of her "Wrap is Poetry" jewelry collection. The collection draws its inspiration and its titles from these poets' speculative work, as well as other music and poetry of the fantastic. Selections from Valente's Rhysling-nominated "Red Engines" and El-Mohtar's winning poem "Peach-Creamed Honey" form the titles of two of Ms. Brown's newest Wrap is Poetry collections. Purchasers of pieces titled after Valente's "Red Engines" receive a copy of the poem with their purchase.

Wrap is Poetry also includes collections titled after selections from my poem "The Walking Man Goes Looking for the Sons of John: Six Cantos" from the May 2011 issue of Apex Magazine, and selected lyrics from musicians Bekah Kelso and S.J. Tucker. This is an awesome celebration of speculative poetry and the interstitial arts; I encourage you all to check it out! Links under the cut.

Wrap is Poetry: Speculative Poetry & Fantastical MusicCollapse )
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Goblin Fruit Summer Issue 2011 Is Live!

(reposted from goblinfruit; originally posted by tithenai)

This issue features poems by Liz Bourke, Shawna Lenore Kastin (shawnalenore), Tala Eirsdottir, Brock Marie Moore, Kathryn Hinds, Amanda C. Davis, Nin Harris, Seanan McGuire (seanan_mcguire), Elizabeth R. McClellan (popelizbet), Kayleigh Ayn Bohémier, Rosalind Casey, Nina Pelaez, and Becca de la Rosa. They're tremendous, and do please note how many wonderful readings accompany them!

In fact, dazzling us beyond all measure, the fabulous S. J. Tucker has lent her voice to Elizabeth R. McClellan's "The Sea Witch Talks Show Business." There are bells. There is a s00j. Trust me when I say you don't want to miss it.

This issue will also feature the second installment of Catherynne M. Valente's "A Silver Splendour, A Flame," which will appear on August 1. [reposter's note: link goes to installment #1, for those who missed the Spring issue.]

FURTHERMORE, do please consult the Note from the Editors and also The Mischief for a detailed explanation and graphic rendering of our reaction to the news that our very own C.S.E. Cooney (csecooney) won the Rhysling Award for Best Long Poem.

And then be grateful that we didn't include audio for that.

Share! Feast! Spread the word! And have a splendid summer.
Mythic Delirium 21

Mythic Delirium in 2010: A Rhysling Award nomination guide

Every year I try to at least offer a post to remind SFPA members what I published in Mythic Delirium over the past year and what categories, short or long, the various poems fall into.

A delay in 2009 meant that we had three issues come out last year, so there's a ton to pick from. The procedure for nominating can be found here.

There's an additional caveat, too. Issue 22 was guest edited by Amal El-Mohtar (tithenai) and Jessica Wick (mer_moon) of Goblin Fruit (goblinfruit), and so those poems are their picks, though I remain the publisher; just as I selected the poems for their Winter 2010 issue. Rather than including the poems I picked for the Goblin Queens in this post, we've mutually agreed to stick to our own publications and cross-promote. So I definitely encourage you to look over last year's goblin feast as a whole in making your choices.

Now, without further ado: Here's an immense list of poems, concealed behind a cut.Collapse )

Mike Allen Steps Down from SFPA Volunteer Activities

In my term as president of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, Mike Allen has sort of been my secret weapon. I could have never done this job without him. He has always been there as a sounding board, with advice on how things were done in previous administrations, etc. And, he has continued to volunteer, often behind the scenes. In additon to the multitude of things he has done for the SFPA before I became president (president, Rhysling co-chair, Alchemy of Stars co-editor, deployment of the current website, ReaderCon laison, Star*Line layout editor, laid out the ’03-’06 Rhysling Anthologies, edited the Science Fiction Poetry Handbook for Suzette, created the website’s Rhysling Award archive, etc), he has continued to spend hours and hours of time for the benefit of speculative poetry.

He has continued to be our laison with ReaderCon, organizing our successful dealer's room table (this year's gross was $1300), being the emcee for the Rhysling Slan, as well as our laison with SFWA, where he has ensured our continued presence in the Nebula Anthology. He did the layout for the 2008 Rhysling Anthology, designed the cover for the 2010 Rhysling Anthology, He recently edited the Grand Master special feature in the most recent issue of Star*Line. He has always been there for us when we needed him and now he needs us to give him a little space.

Mike is at a point in his writing career where he needs to have the time to focus on it. I wish him well and thank him from the bottom of my heart for all he's done over the years.

Deborah P Kolodji
SFPA President
Mythic Delirium 20

Correcting a 2010 Rhysling Anthology mistake

One of the wonderful things about print publishing is that when mistakes happen, they're permanent.

Unfortunately in this case the mistake involves a book that the Science Fiction Poetry Association is using as a voting tool. It turns out there's an entire page of verses missing from Kendall Evans' and Samantha Henderson's long poem candidate "In the Astronaut Asylum" as it appears in The 2010 Rhysling Anthology.

The poem originally appeared in Mythic Delirium 20, the anniversary issue. In the interest of making the poem available in its complete form ahead of the voting deadline, I've created a page for it at the Mythic Delirium website. You can read the correct version here:

Mythic Delirium 22

New featured poems at

The Mythic Delirium website now features two poems from the just-released "Goblin Delirium" issue, guest-edited by Ms. El-Mohtar and Ms. Wick of Goblin Fruit fame. The poems are Susan Slaviero's "The Reaper's Wife," with accompanying illustration by Paula Friedlander, and an audio reading by Kate Baker, and Shweta Narayan's "Cave-smell," with audio by the author and accompanying illustration by Daniel Trout.

We also have a special bonus addition to our featured poems this time around: an encore presentation of guest editor Amal's Rhysling Award-winning poem "Song for an Ancient City" from our pages, which her father Oussama El-Mohtar has since translated into Arabic. I'm proud to present father and daughter side by side, with Amal's original poem and reading paired with her father's translation and evocative audio recording.

Enjoy! And feel free to check out our Featured Poem archives while you're at it.